Bill Hemme takes passengers from an assisted living facility out for a rickshaw ride. The rides, which are free to the community, are part of First Presbyterian’s new ministry, “Joy Rides of Dunedin.” Courtesy of Bill Hemme 

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It’s time to reconnect

Presbyterians Today June 20, 2021

Creative ways to care for others

By Donna Frischknecht Jackson | Presbyterians Toda

Bill Hemme sits in the driver’s seat of the rickshaw, pedaling at a leisurely pace. The sky is clear and there’s a refreshing breeze blowing through Dunedin, Florida. His passenger, Don, waves joyfully to those who pass by. It’s been a while since Don has been able to wave to others, but with COVID-19 safety restrictions lifting, he finds himself rejoining the world by riding in a rickshaw. The ride…

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