Keeping a number of First Aids Kits well stocked and up-to-date is a behind-the-scenes activity provided by members of the Deacons, in this case Marie Davidson. This is a crucial ministry of the church which often goes unnoticed but is important whenever a medical accident or emergency occurs on our property. Two things:

  1. Please remember to say thank you to Marie (contact info: E-mail; phone: 970-749-6215) for her attention to this part of the church’s life.
  2. Ask Marie if there might be a way to assist in this ministry like helping her get updated supplies on occasion or adding more kits in other spots at church.

Right now these kits are located

  • In Westminster Hall
  • In the Nursery
  • On the basement level where the Youth Group and Boy Scouts meet

Be on the lookout for more “Shout-Outs” like this one which highlight some of the people and teams that help keep our many church activities running as smoothly as they do!!