Hey Beau.

This is just a draft post for you.

Thanks! Trying to get with you on banners for your series. Here are a few.  But there are also marvelous classic art works on Peter, John the Apostle, Jude, etc.  If you are going the route of a new “Book Name Study This Week” series, I’d like to know a few more days in advance. If not or you just want me to continue searching and scratching around for obscure artworks, I’ll keep doing that, too. Or….

Like the old days, you can construct a banner for the whole series (we were putting those atop the bulletin cover, remember).  No need tho.

Dear Church Family,

For this new year we’re starting off with a brand new Sermon Series called The Other Guys: A Series on the General Epistles.  These short letters of the New Testament often take a back seat to Paul’s work and yet their shared thematic emphasis on faith, hope, and love and their focus on simple Christian living might be just what we need as we look to the future and a new year!  This week we’ll kick off by starting to look at the book of James.  Can’t wait to talk more on Sunday!
Grace and Peace,

The Apostle James Alphaeus, by Duccio, 1308-1311

St. James, detail from a mural, 12th century; in the monastery of Eski Gümüs, Turkey.

Fresco of Epistle Writers, The Eskigümüş rock cut monastery, located off the Kayseri-Niğde road near to the city of Niğde in Turkey,