The internet is full of devotional websites and guides to help us stay nearer to God and each other during this pandemic when we are needing to stay close to home more than venturing out as often as we might like.  Please feel free to suggest a site you are using or one you have run across that looks intriguing and we will check it out and perhaps mention it here on this page.

In the meantime, this is a list of sites we’ve looked at that we recommend.  Web links will be updated from time to time when new ones come along and are reviewed by the staff.  Feel free to “SUBSCRIBE” to any of these on your own.  And make sure to check back regularly to find new websites you might try once or twice or on a regular basis recommended by the staff of First Presbyterian Church of Durango.

Also, click on any of the following links which have appeared in newsletters previously in case you missed reading them before.

Stay well, connected and In Christ’s  Spirit

The FPC Staff