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The Junkermanns write:

Welcome Week 2022 is a wrap! The first two weeks were intense – moving students in, hosting yard parties, getting into students lives and of course making lots of memories! Sunday night we had 120 students in our backyard for a root beer float night. It was so successful that we had to make a store run for more supplies! That night we broke out some great games: full contact oreo stacking and a surprise water balloon fight. The good news was students lingered and made lots of connections with one another. We had our first gathering with many new faces, though they are becoming fast friends! We had bonfires, volleyball games and of course Flaming Tennis balls (if you don’t know – its basically real-life hot potato.. a BIG hit!) We are tired, but happy to have seen many of these students coming around multiple times and engaging in our community. We are also excited to share with you… two of our guys have surrendered to Jesus and made Him Lord of their lives: Tom and Logan! Definitely the whole community took part in walking them closer to Jesus, and it’s amazing to see their joy as they reflect on this decision. Both have been baptized this past week.

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